How Coffee Can Save Nature?

If you are a home barista or just a casual coffee drinker you like to drink coffee to keep you awake. It can help you work more productively, and get things done. Did you know that coffee can also save nature? Let’s look at five ways coffee can help save our planet.

Gardenias, Japanese Iris, Magnolia, and many other acid-loving plants can thrive when you turn your used coffee grounds into fertilizer. You just need to mix the grounds with dead grass or brown leaves in the planter with your beautiful plants. These add nitrogen and potassium to the soil and these are the top two things that plants need in fertilizer. This handmade fertilizer also adds magnesium and that is another thing that plants need to thrive. This is a great way to recycle old coffee grounds and help something beautiful grow.

Carrots Love Caffeine
If you love both coffee and carrots this is an amazing hack to try. Put your carrot seeds in the old coffee ground before planting them. You just need to take them out of the container and put them into the ground. You will get bigger and better quality carrots. Due to the fact that the caffeine is not a natural substance bug will avoid your precious produce. You will get a bigger yield for your time and money. Any carrot loving barista should take not of this helpful tip.

Keep Odors Out Of Your Fridge
Old coffee grounds placed in a container with an open top can help your fridge from getting too smelly. It can be used to absorb odors just like baking soda and can help you save a little bit of money. It works for weeks at a time. As a bonus, you can take them out of the fridge and still use them as a fertilizer or to put your carrots in after taking them out of the fridge. This is a bonus hack because you can still use them after doing this process.

Cleaning the Fireplace
Coffee grounds can help you clean the fireplace. It can help weigh down the ashes and you won’t get the giant cloud of smoke that normally comes with this task. If you are looking for a great way to clean your fireplace quick and easy this can really help and you don’t need to spend any extra money.

Natural Abrasive
If you are looking for a natural cleaner to get stuck on food off of dishes look no further than your old coffee grounds. They can quickly and easily get food buildup off of them. Just be careful to not use them on any surface that will stain.

Coffee is giving home baristas energy, improved health, and a wonderful way to save the planet through recycling. If you want to save the planet don’t throw those coffee grounds away figure out a project that is beneficial to you and reuses them. There are many different projects you can do with them, and they are very versatile. If you are a gardener, or just want to keep your fridge smelling clean coffee grounds can help you

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