How You Can Harness Solar Energy

August 28, 2020

Energy is a necessity every society needs to move forward in terms of development.

Man has harnessed various sources of energy since time immemorial. However, some energy sources are harmful to the environment, atop not being renewable.

With technological advancements, there has been a mastery of the art of harnessing solar energy. It’s an energy source that’s green and renewable.

Statistics show that in America, about 58% of people with solar panels say that it is a clean energy source. And, solar energy generates about 1.6 % of electricity, and solar photovoltaic installation is a job that’s fast growing in America.

Solar energy can be used for many purposes, ranging from lighting to heating, and many more. The following are six ways you can harness solar energy for your benefit:

6 Tips to Harnessing Solar Energy for Personal and Residential Home Use

Generators for backup power

Solar energy can be used to power generators. Solar generators are a good source of power that can act as a backup solution in case the grid supplying electricity goes down.

Solar generators are energy systems powered by the sun, and come with battery systems that store energy atop being portable.

They have two main components; the solar panel and the power storage component. Solar generators provide the electricity you need for your daily usage. It also has many advantages compared to other power sources.

The generators harness free energy from the sun and have low maintenance costs; hence, are cheaper. They’re also quiet and clean energy sources.

 Heating water for showering

Heating water consumes a lot of energy. To minimize these costs, it’s advisable that you install a solar water heater. They’re cost-effective. With thermal collectors, you can warm your water using the energy solar panels tap.

Solar heater has the following advantages:

  • The heating system works all the time
  • Your energy bills are reduced
  • Has lower carbon footprints.

Cooking your favorite meals

Solar cookers are made to be used for cooking meals and to treat water through pasteurization to make it safe for drinking. The system uses direct sunlight to do so.

The energy source used is renewable and clean because it doesn’t cause any pollution to the environment.

Most solar cookers are cheap, and don’t need any fuel to operate. They should be preferably used because they help to slow down deforestation rates. This happens because you don’t need woods to provide energy.

Charging your smartphone when you go camping

To charge your phone, you’ll need electricity. The challenge comes when you’re out camping, but there’s no electricity in the area where you are. This is where solar comes in to help charge your gadgets.

For convenience, you can carry a small solar panel system that’s made to provide sufficient energy for charging your phones.

The solar panels convert solar energy to electrical energy that you can then use for several purposes, including charging your device.

Basking in the morning sun for vitamin D

Sunlight is a natural and good source of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is beneficial to the body because it helps in many metabolic reactions in the body and also helps in building strong bones.

Natural ultraviolet rays from the sun are psychologically and metabolically important. Basking in the sun is awesome, and apart from its health benefits, it also feels good.

People should consider spending some times a week in the morning sun, especially children who are still growing. This helps to strengthen their bones and make them grow well.

Drying clothes on hanging lines

The mechanism in which wet clothes dry involves a process that requires both the wind and heat from the sun. The sun heats your clothes and water evaporates from them. The wind then blows the vaporized water away, causing the piece of cloth to dry faster.

Solar energy is free of charge, and it’s plenty. You won’t have to worry about paying money in order to renew the service of drying your clothes on hanging lines.


Solar energy has brought many benefits to societies. They range from having adverse effects on the environment to improving grid security due to solar energy.

Invest it in minimizing your electricity bill for cost and energy savings. Whether you pick the right job created in solar energy installation companies or relax yourself, you won’t go wrong with him.