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Green Star is a website focusing on using clean energy like biofuel and Gree as an alternative to harmful energy sources like fossil fuels. This platform is one where people can get all content, including videos, photos, and news on clean and renewable energy, with an emphasis in biofuels.

Our primary aim is to create a place where people can go to when they need to learn all about renewable energy like different types of biofuel, such as cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel, amongst others. Furthermore, we want a place where end-users and renewable energy manufacturers can interact and share opinions on the best replacement for fossil fuels to save our environment.


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However, critics have expressed concerns over the expansion scope of specific biofuels due to the refining process’s environmental and economic costs. Nevertheless, these concerns are misguided as biofuels remain the best for clean, renewable energy.

Biofuel is power that’s derived from biomass like animal waste, algae, or plant material. It’s a renewable energy source seeing as you can easily replenish them. Biofuels are clean energy sources, unlike fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, and petroleum that pollute the air.

Simply put, biofuels are an environmentally benign and cost-effective alternative to the use of fossil fuels like petroleum, seeing as there has been recent outcry towards the use of fossil fuels because of global warming, in addition to the rising petroleum prices.




All Green Stars Biodiesel Fuel

All Green Stars Biodiesel Fuel

Any company that deals with biofuels are something that the environmentalists will support with all their hearts and mind. All green stars is a household name in the renewable energy industry to make sure that people get what is best and also save the environment....

Renewable Solar And Wind Energy

Renewable Solar And Wind Energy

Renewable solar and wind energy are the future of clean, green energy. We all need to do our part in protecting the environment by using renewable resources for electricity generation. Read on to learn more about how you can save money with renewable power! Renewable...


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